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Jewim Awarded as AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise

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On June 1, 2022, deputy director of Jinan Customs came to our company to issue the AEO advanced certified enterprise certificate accompanied by deputy mayor of Tai'an City.        

AEO is the abbreviation of "Authorized Economic Operator", which refers to the certification of the enterprise's credit status, law-abiding degree and safety management level by customs. Enterprises that pass the certification can enjoy less document review and export inspection rate,  priority inspection. Customs in different countries can provide each other with preferential and facilitation measures for AEO enterprises through the AEO mutual recognition system. At present, China Customs has achieved AEO mutual recognition with customs in 41 countries or regions in 14 economies.

Our company's business has spread to more than 90 countries and regions, GMP system and import/export credit system have been widely recognized by partners, laying a good foundation for achieving the strategic goal of internationalization.

In the future, Jewim will conscientiously compare the advanced certification standards and resolutely fulfill relevant responsibilities and obligations, give full play to the convenience brought by AEO certification, continuously improve customer service levels, actively explore international cooperation, and make outstanding contributions to human health.

Continuous improvement , the pursuit of perfection and to meet regulatory and customer requirements



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