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Budesonide Inhaler

【Brand】JEWIM or OEM
【Indication】Treatment of mild, moderate, and severe persistent asthma.
【Quality Standard】Current BP standard
【GMP Approval】Australia TGA GMP
【Packing】1piece/box, 300 boxes/carton
【MOQ】5000 pieces
Product Description

【BP Name】Budesonide Pressurised Inhalation

【Generic Name】Budesonide Inhalation Aerosol

【Composition】The active ingredient: Budesonide

【Storage】Store below 30°C. Keep in airtight container.

【Package】An inhaler comprising an aluminium canister sealed with a metering valve, actuator and dust cap, 1 canister per box.

【Shelf life】24 months

budesnide aerosol

Qualitative and quantitative composition  Each metered actuation contains 200 micrograms of budesonide from the valve and delivers  165 mcg of budesonide from the actuator, and each canister provides 200 deliveries\

Special warnings and precautions  It is not intended for rapid relief of acute episodes of asthma where an inhaled short-acting  bronchodilator is required.  Patients should be instructed about the correct use of the inhaler.  It provides a prophylactic therapy of the asthmatic disease: therefore, it should be  administered regularly at the prescribed doses as long as directed by the physician and should  not be stopped abruptly. In case of gastrointestinal ulcer, strict medical surveillance is  advisable throughout therapy duration.

The transfer of patients treated with oral corticosteroids to the inhaled corticosteroid and their  subsequent management requires special care. The patients should be in a reasonably stable  state before initiating a high dose of inhaled corticosteroid in addition to their usual  maintenance dose of systemic corticosteroid. After about 10 days, withdrawal of the systemic  corticosteroid is started by reducing the daily dose gradually to the lowest possible level. It  may be possible to completely replace the oral corticosteroid with inhaled corticosteroid.  Transferred patients whose adrenocortical function is impaired may need supplementary  systemic corticosteroid during periods of stress.

During transfer from oral therapy to inhaled budesonide symptoms may appear that had  previously been suppressed by systemic treatment with glucocorticosteroids, with occurrence  of rhinitis, eczema, headache, muscular and articular pain, and, rarely, of nausea and  vomiting. Specific treatment should be co-administered to treat these conditions.

For detailed information please refer to product leaflet.

SPC for Budesonide Pressurised Inhalation.pdf

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