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We are the largest inhalation formulation manufacturer and exporter in China, and a leading worldwide CMO/CDMO provider in dosage forms and APIs. The production batch is flexible and can meet the needs of customers for different batches, The formulations cover MDIs, DPIs, inhalation solutions/suspensions, sprays (nasal, oral, topical), oral sustained and controlled release preparations, tablets, capsules, granules, dry suspensions, oral solutions/suspensions, topical liquids, enemas, external use aerosols, ointments, gels, etc.
The APIs factory follows the international new concept to optimize the design, to meet the cGMP and EHS requirements. The production workshop adopts the modular design combining "multifunction" and "specificity", the production line can be flexibly combined according to the requirements of different production processes, which is suitable for CDMO production requirements.

Stable Quality

Our products all conform to international pharmacopoeia standard such as BP/EP/USP etc., the whole production, analysis, release, storage and delivery all proceed as per strict cGMP standard.

Short Lead Time

The products can be delivered within the shortest time once purchase order is confirmed.
Continuous improvement , the pursuit of perfection and to meet regulatory and customer requirements



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