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Jewim MDIs and spray plant was established in 2002, products include inhalation aerosol (including hormone), ordinary aerosol (including external use), spray (including hormone, external use). The plant has five automatic MDIs filling lines, automatic assembly lines, automatic spray testing, secondary online weight checking machines which were introduced from Pamasol, Switzerland. The annual capacity can achieve 60 million packs. The plant has passed TGA GMP certification three times with the highest standard A1 level.
Jewim main comprehensive plant was founded in 2004, covering an area of about 130000 m², products include sterile inhalation solution, dry powder inhalation (DPIs), solid preparation, liquid preparation, small volume parenteral (SVP), APIs, etc. Jewim introduced international advanced intelligent and automated production equipment, including: Swiss Rommelag BFS all-in-one machine, German Harro Hoefliger DPIs filling machine, German GEA high-speed mixing mixer, German Glatt granulator, IMA capsule filling machine, tablet pressing machine and other international top equipments to improve the production accuracy of the equipment, meet the requirements of data integrity and traceability, improve production efficiency and quality control level, and minimize errors and pollution caused by human operation.

Since the launch and continuous improvement of Oracle ERP in December 2006, it has realized the informatization management of manufacturing and production organizations, responded to market changes in real time, and practiced the "customer-centric" value concept.
Professional R & D Team
Jewim has a research and development team of more than 300 people, and over 70% of the team has doctoral or master degrees. It is a creative and scientific research team with unlimited potential led by top scientists in the domestic and overseas. Jewim's annual research and development investment accounts for 10-15% of sales revenue, the total laboratory area exceeds 10,000 square meters, equipped with world-leading scientific research equipment and analytical instruments, it can undertake the whole process of drug research work from project evaluation and approval, API and preparation process research, quality standard formulation and analysis, clinical research, registration and approval, etc. Jewim also has a pilot plant for preparations and APIs to meet the needs of different scales.
Open innovation and strategic cooperation are the keys to successful drug development, and the company maintains cooperation with research institutions in China and overseas to accelerate the pace of transformation to innovation.
High Level QMS
We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by consistently meeting regulatory and customer requirements. Effective operating of PQS is the assurance of the products safety and effectiveness, as well as the key to success.
Medicines are related to people's lives, and the quality of medicines is the belief and life of every Jewim employee. Jewim adheres to the social responsibility of "pursuing the truth, goodness and beauty of pharmaceutical production", and continuously improves the international level of the production quality system. The company's quality system has passed TGA certification with the highest standard A1 level three times, and has passed GMP and GLP certifications in more than 20 overseas countries. Jewim’s quality system is also supported and recognized by its strategic partner Johnson & Johnson.
Continuous improvement , the pursuit of perfection and to meet regulatory and customer requirements



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